Yellow Scribe is a publishing company, and it was established in Summer of 2017. Since that summer, we have been expanding our team of passionate book experts to create the Yellow Scribe you see today.

Our coaches will take you through your selected course with ease, comfort, and without a bump in the road. We’ve done this hundreds of times before, so you can rest assured that you will get the service you deserve. Publish your book with Yellow Scribe today! Read about our coaches here…

We’ve got three bundles, click on our ‘shop’ tab to give them a read…

If you’re a member of our community, join our Writers Support Group on Facebook! it’s free and full of info which is updated daily!

How do I know which package is suitable for me?

If you’re an academic such as a tutor, teacher, coach, instructor, or a business such as a manufacturing company, a dropshipping business, a brick-and-mortar shop, or an agency, then the Commercial and Academic package is your best bet. It combines your products into a readable catalogue, which is larger than the average book but smaller than the average catalogue.

We refer to the dimensions of our Commercial and Academic catalogue service as mini-mags, an awesome and adorably-sized alternative to those ugly catalogues society used to depend upon, like the Yellow Pages.

Click here to explore the Commercial and Academic packages, quotes calculated on an hourly basis.

If you’re a writer such as an author, celebrity, coach, instructor, or an individual, then the Indie/Print on demand/Biographical Literature packages are perfect for your situation. You can choose to publish through either our 60-Minute Book Creation course or the 90-Minute Book Boost Bundle. Prices for these two start at £90 GBP.

If you’re a junior, then the Junior Startup Bundle is perfect for you! You can choose to publish through either our 60-Minute Book Creation course or the 90-Minute Book Boost Bundle. Prices for these two start at £90 GBP.

Our latest publication

Yellow Scribe is an ever-developing company with the deeply rooted belief that writing is art and that books are masterpieces. Our latest publication section of our website is to showcase our newest published author: this could be through either of our bundles. The 6-week course is our favourite – and that definitely reflects onto the authors when they decide to take the ‘leap of faith’ into Yellow Scribe.

Writing a manuscript can be daunting, and you might not think you can fathom the mindset let alone energy it takes to write your book. Yellow Scribe’s mission is to erradicate that problem. Writers’ block is all too real, and we know more than anyone how heartbreaking it is when you want to write but can’t.

We also think it sucks that publishing has become too accessible in today’s world – and it might seem impossible; the thought of getting your book onto the shelves of others. Yellow Scribe eradicated that problem, too.

You don’t need to worry about that any more.

Payaswani’s Journey with Yellow Scribe

Yellow Scribe Podcasts

WW3 Episode 3 – Creative writing is vital in schools and universities

Before the topic ensues, we make sure to cover live/trending news stories. Here’s what we cover on today (25/5/2020)

I first realised just how quickly attitudes towards technology were changing when my mum told me, two days after lockdown began, that she had downloaded Skype.

Our Packages

Yellow Scribe Books strives to provide you with a quality experience at an affordable rate. Our books are printed with flexibility and are tailored to you and your business. You can get in touch by browsing the toolbar at the top of our website and contacting us through a link of your choice.

Indie Books and print-on-demand

Publishing for your manuscript, available in color and black and white.

Biographical Literature

Professional assistance to guide you on your journey to publishing your own life story.

Commercial and Academic

Wholesale for personalized educational resources and copy for your business.

The Junior start-up program

Give your budding writers the best chance to improve their skills and succeed in the writing world.

“A massive thank you to Yellow Scribe for all their amazing assistance and for working alongside me to perfect my book.” – Natalie Ann, author of Her Secret Wild Lifestyle

With thousands of options out there for writers, academics and business professionals it’s no wonder you’ve put off publishing your book for so long. With Yellow Scribe’s brilliant customer happiness team and qualified experts to help you out in the best way possible, it’s no surprise that our customers are always beyond satisfied with the premium service we provide.

Stuck and don’t know how to proceed?

Or perhaps you don’t know what package suits you best? Call us on the number below, or alternatively, send us a Whatsapp.

Our Bundles

“Working alongside Kaitlyn and the entire team of Yellow Scribe Books has been such an incredible and memorable experience for me. An experience I will carry with me always.”

-Payaswani Dixit, student in our 6-week Book Creation Course

Prices starting at £90

A beautifully designed book from your own concept with six weeks of working towards your goal: Publishing. That. Book.

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