Up and coming artist Yoan Maukar has made a mark in the publishing world with an outspoken take on romance, loss and the heartbreak of loving somebody you can no longer have. Maukar is a young poet and authoress based in Indonesia, the largest Nation in South East Asia.

Maukar contacted Yellow Scribe in late June to discuss her debut poetry book, along with an in-depth preface about herself attached with the manuscript. Maukar’s book was promptly accepted and Yellow Scribe has been working non stop since Maukar sent her works in, to get it as perfect as possible.

The approach Maukar takes when attacking the volatile subject of heartbreak is a brave one, opening up oneself to the world and prospective publishing houses is gut-wrenchingly difficult; not all of us have the confidence to put our heart on our sleeve. Yoan Maukar made a huge splash in the ocean of Yellow Scribe’s publishing community – and her readers are eagerly awaiting the book’s drop on August 1st.

You can click ‘follow’ on this blog to receive updates on this case if you want to know as soon as Maukar’s debut book goes live – we are so excited to share this raw piece with our fanbase and followers.

Dear all the writers that haven’t published a book yet – there’s no rush. Spend this time learning, planning, building and caring for yourself. Drink some water, try a cup of coffee! Eat three whole meals a day.

Did you know coffee is scientifically proven to help our creativity? That’s why so many writers are known to drink coffee 24/7. Oh, and the insomnia.

Check Yoan out on Instagram at @yoanmaukar or read her author’s profile here.

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