To be able to work at home successfully takes all of the following: motivation, perseverance, work, good habits, no excuses, balance, accountability, and action.”

  • Byron Pulsifer.

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article talks about ways to have the best home office. A Home office is our very own space, a comfortable corner created to enhance our working atmosphere. It houses our daily use supplies making it easier for us to locate them apace thus, making work a systematic experience. When working, be it academically or financially, particularity and orderliness is essential. No matter what task we choose, our efficiency towards it depends on the atmosphere we choose to dwell in. This makes it important for us to maintain pristine conditions around so as to invite positive vibes in!

Thus, here I will be discussing the step by step approach to having the best home office so that our efficiency and mood towards a particular task receives a boost.

  • Search For The Best Corner Begins!

The First step is commencing the quest for a remote and peaceful corner in your house. If you fall in love with the corner, don’t procrastinate further! Choose it promptly before your sibling conquers it!

  • Is The View Inspiring In Your Purview?

The Second step is considering that the view outta that corner is blinding enough to make you feel inspired and motivated to work. After all, one needs to manually begin the task of reaching the acme of success. However, inspiration too matters. So why not request the intervention of nature?

  • Set Up Your Space!

The Third step is to begin setting up your office in accordance to the type of job you own. If you have constant writing projects to deal with, then find a suitable place for your laptop! If you need the space for burying yourself into books, then search for an area that would accommodate the book shelf! In short, a good office needs to include all the necessary supplies that would help make mundane tasks exhilarating.

  • What Is Your Favorite Color?

The Fourth step is to paint your favorite colors to the walls of your cozy corner. This makes the environment exciting and refreshing enough to keep us going. Colors have an interesting role to play in human psychology. Our favorite color, when splashed on the walls can act wonders! It can replenish, refresh and rejuvenate our energy levels.

  • How About Some Comfy Furniture?

The Fifth step is using comfortable furniture that would liven up your spirits and make work an entertaining task. In short, make it a habit to choose your favorite supplies because this concept of intense love for an object has an impact on our thinking ability!

  • Interested In Placing Some Artifacts?

The Sixth step is subjective. You may place certain artifacts that are pleasing to your eyes or maybe some paintings or use sticky notes to jot down a plethora of inspiring quotes or words that are enough to keep you fuelled.

  • Resort To Upgradation

The Seventh step is resorting to Upgradation every month. Choose to transition the layout and interior of your space every time. This increases our alacrity to work. A changing atmosphere transforms and eliminates our past preferences thereby increasing the ambit of creative thinking which always plays an important role in creating an adept version of ourselves!

  • What Are You Waiting For?

The Eighth step is to start working in your space at the earliest possible convenience as it now fulfills your levels of expectations! It now, contains the manifestations most revered by you. So without any delay, begin your tasks and feel the positivity as it encircles you in the pleasant environment you founded!

P.S. Don’t make the environment of your office as cozy as your bedroom. You don’t wish to doze off while working, do you? Create an atmosphere that motivates you to work and not the one that compels you to curl yourself cozily into the corner and snore softly like a cat!

Thus, I would conclude stating that your very own corner is meant to motivate you. It should house all the necessities and daily supplies thus, making work an interesting task for you. After all, work is inevitable. How much we work doesn’t actually matter. The way we work, is all that holds significance. Thus, by setting up your cozy atmosphere, you follow the modern way of showing affinity towards your tasks.

To the people who find messy environments comfortable, try giving your space a reformation. Make it orderly and you shall observe the optimism that would make you feel even more relaxed. Your stress levels would alleviate and new ideas would flood in easily! However, you don’t have to possess OCD to exhibit particularity! You can just show the will to change and believe that human psychology adores cleanliness though you may be indolent to do the needful! That is exactly why, a human toils for ameliorating his lifestyle. After all, a good lifestyle invites positive vibes thus, increasing his agility to work because as stated earlier, work can’t be ignored. There is a difference between being grateful and being satisfied. Be grateful but don’t satisfy yourself easily. However, don’t be unsatisfied to the extent of reaching greediness. Be it your home office or life, make upgradation as a part and parcel!

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”

  • Robert Louis Stevenson

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