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How Can You Enhance Your Writing Environment?

No matter what we do, the environment affects the way we work, doesn’t it?


Rachel Baronti begins new poetry collection ‘Secrets I Shouldn’t Have’ with Yellow Scribe

As a young adult, Baronti has faced the struggles that can come with being a woman, and she is now using her voice – once broken and now mended – to show others how they can overcome their traumas.

How to make your characters more interesting

The most important thing is to ensure your readers can envision the character in their head as they read, but not too much. Allow the reader to absorb small snippets of information as they read the story but don’t give them a specific description of the character to the finest detail.

Lisa Jewell’s top tips for new writers

I sat next to a mechanical engineer on a plane last month who was the most boring man I’ve ever met. When he found out I was a writer he said, ‘Oh yes – I’ve always wanted to write a book. I’ve had so many interesting experiences travelling the world with my job.’ I’m pretty sure his experiences were actually of no interest to anyone, anywhere, but I’m also absolutely certain that he is never, ever going to sit down and start writing it.


How can writing prompts help you?

Think about the following as you begin to develop your prompts: the essay type, prompt construction, brevity, instructional match, appropriateness, and fairness. An effective prompt introduces and limits the writing topic and provides clear instructions about the essay writing task.


Reflect on your Week

Reflection is a powerful way to pause, slow down, and evaluate your life. Taking time over the weekend to reflect on the week that has past will help you keep your life in progress and your goals on track. Small changes on a daily and weekly basis can have a BIG effect.


Writing Ergonomics: Top Tips for Proper Posture, Alignment, and Movement

Authors and everyone who writes or works at a computer needs to pay attention to proper body posture/position, alignment, and movement — if you want to be a faster writer and be a happier writer, you must learn about writing ergonomics. What Is Writing Ergonomics? Ergonomics is the science of work. When specifically applied to writing, it addresses how you should position yourself and how you should move when writing … Read More Writing Ergonomics: Top Tips for Proper Posture, Alignment, and Movement

Everything, Everything: Book Review

By: Fairouz Tamer What if you couldn’t touch anything in the outside world? Never breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun warm your face…or kiss the boy next door? Maddy, a smart, curious and imaginative 18-year-old who due to an illness cannot leave the protection of the hermetically sealed environment within her house, and Olly, the boy next door who won’t let that … Read More Everything, Everything: Book Review


Create a mind-blowing book with Yellow Scribe

At Yellow Scribe, our team boasts the incredible skillsets we have as a collaborative team. Each member of Yellow Scribe has their own specific role, and we all come together to create something beautiful.


How to plan a book from scratch

Planning a book should be scary because it is a huge accomplishment. Here at Yellow Scribe, we care about your publishing journey.


Perfect your manuscript before we publish your book

Formatting your book is super easy, and it’ll save you money if you’re on a tight budget. Here are some simple steps to help you ensure your book is perfect and ready to be published.


Yellow Scribe introduces the ‘Platinum’ edition bundle

Last week, Yellow Scribe released its third type of bundle – the Platinum 6-Week Course.