Dear fellow writers,

We are hosting a competition to see who has the best short story writing skills. To enter, please stick to these guidelines!

  1. The story must be between 1,000 and 1,500 words
  2. It has to be your own words, and plagiarism will result in instant dismissal
  3. You need to follow Yellow Scribe on all of the accounts (@thewritingpodcast, @yellowscribebooks, @yellowscribemedia, @yellowscribe, @kaitlynpibernik)
  4. The story must be submitted with the form below
  5. The deadline is August 1st

The prizes

The first place winner will be awarded a 50% discount for any course provided by Yellow Scribe, which finally includes publication at the end. They will also get an exclusive interview with Nawaf, publishings project manager, and a shoutout on @yellowscribebooks.

The second place winner will get an exclusive interview, a 20% discount, and a shoutout on @yellowscribe.

The third place winner will get a shoutout on @yellowscribe, and 20% off any courses that Yellow Scribe offers.

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