The Junior Start-up Program is an incredibly unique, modern method of encouraging your junior writer to believe in their talents and do what they enjoy most. This package is perfect for you and your junior writer if:

  • Your junior writer loves writing.
  • You truly believe they have what it takes to produce an awesome book.
  • You want to share their awesome stories with your friends and family in the form of a paperback book.
  • You want to kickstart their career super early.

The Junior Start-up Program is just what your young budding writer needs. And it’s only a phone call away.

We will support you and your junior writer every step of the way to plan, edit, format and structure your book. This includes doodles they wish to add either digitally or by scanning it in.

Our talented team of graphic designers will design you a front and back cover from scratch, encompassing your junior writer’s vision, and making it a reality.

And finally, our editorial team will polish off your work by proofreading it. After this, we will schedule publication and you can share your junior writer’s awesome book with the whole world!

Who knows where this might lead them?

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