Rachel Baronti

…is a poet and author, renowned for her emotional poetry which she shares through her Instagram page. Baronti is a young marketing student and currently lives in the United Kingdom. As well as writing poetry and long form pieces, Baronti enjoys reading a plethora of other poets’ work – thus aiding her in the process of writing her own unique poetry, connecting with other poets, and expanding her network.

Baronti appreciates the beauty of the human mind, and spends her time analysing her thoughts and why they are so.

In the course of the past year, Baronti has reflected her experiences and emotions onto paper eventually amounting to the book ‘Secrets I Shouldn’t Have’. Secrets that Rachel Baronti had to unfortunately keep to herself from the ones she loved, through her own turmoil, eventually came out through her own self-determination and willpower to obtain peace – finally.

The work you see presented to you by Baronti was not written lightly. It is gut-wrenching, heartfelt, brutal and honest. If you have experienced anything along the lines of assault, anxiety, depression or repressed thoughts/emotions then this book will speak to you on an emotional and spiritual level.

Post-it-note all over the pages. Photograph the poems that make you weep. Reflect on your own thoughts whilst reading this collection of nuanced poems – this one’s for you.

To the broken ones that don’t want to be broken any more. This one is for you.


What Rachel Does

Rachel works for children and adult services in Southern Council on the strategic programming team – overseeing all products in the children and adult services. Rachel makes infographics, videos, designs logos and does general P.A. work for her company.

Rachel’s Education

Rachel went into this apprenticeship because she had just finished her Finance apprenticeship.

Rachel then worked a few jobs last year, working her way up to Head of Accounts Payable but found the job gave her headaches and was too stressful for the pay she received.

I found myself staring at spreadsheets all day and that gave me headaches. I didn’t enjoy it.

Rachel on why she didn’t enjoy the corporate life

She found the job boring and decided to pursue a more creative job for her own wellbeing.

It’s nice to help people that have been through the same things as me, because I have been through it all before.

Rachel Baronti on why she works with CAMHs


To help people that have been through similar situations to herself.

Rachel enjoys working in resource management with other passionate workers and enjoys this far more than finance, which she found brought on headaches and stress due to the fast paced, mechanical nature of the position.

What She Does Now

The new job Rachel works is connected to CAMHs, a mental health organisation for teenagers, helping with young people and the resource directory to help them navigate their mental health.

Rachel also included a helpline for people that found CAMHs unhelpful, in case a member oversteps their boundaries with the teenager or anything similar to that.

Let’s make something together.

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