Yellow Scribe has three different bundles at three price points; £90 (90-Minute BBB), £699 (6-Week BCC) and £899 (Platinum 6-Week BCC). Our bundles are excellent in their own ways, and the price is directly equal to the quality you will get, guaranteed. Due to the nature of our services, refunds will not be given, unless there is an issue with the book itself! We hope you can understand this because we all know how expensive ink is.

Every 6-Week bundle that Yellow Scribe provides, always leaves a smile on the authors’ face. The 6-Week Book Creation Bundle is an awesome place to start – or perhaps you should treat yourself to its awesome platinum counterpart? The difference is: the platinum has a bunch of add-ons that are irresistible to indulge in. 5 copies of your published book, in a satin-lined Yellow Scribe gift box, set with a new Yellow Scribe notepad and pen. This is to plan your next book in.

Let us explain why the 6-Week Bundle is great for an author with a vision…

1) We’ll listen to you and your vision. We can conceptualise your project from the start, or you can have our assistance from half way through writing your manuscript.

– It’s worth noting that the platinum BCC includes Ghostwriting – that’s someone to write your book for you. £899 for somebody to write an entire book for you, including 5 copies sent to your doorstep, advertising, cover design, and proofreading? It’s a no brainer, really. Think of all the time you could spend marketing this as your side hustle. Three words: Return. On. Investment.

2) We’ll design your cover from scratch (included in all bundles) and back cover, too!

3) We’ll market your book on all of our Instagram pages, and continue to provide you with marketing material after the course is complete.

4) You’ll always have the best resources!

Stock up on free downloadables while you’re here…

Student Resources

These are for during the book publication process…

These are for after the book publication process…

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