6-Week Book Creation Course

6-Weeks of 1-on-1 support, 24/7 assistance, professional graphic design, proofreading, and structural guidance. AND your book ghost-written for you at an additional cost - if you need it. The 6-Week Book Creation course is the ultimate tool for creating a book either from scratch or from a point where you stopped off last. - Do you have writers block? - Are you trying to reach a specific goal, such as conveying a message? - Do you need external structural support from an experienced writing coach? Yellow Scribe's 6-Week Course will help you get there - and after a complimentary discovery call to assess your needs, we'll dive right into the project. You can start the 6 weeks whenever you deem suitable.


The Platinum 60-Minute Bundle

The platinum 60-minute bundle includes 12 hours of video chatting - double that of Yellow Scribe's regular bundle option. You'll also get 5 copies of your book in a neat little Yellow Scribe bundle box, along with a Yellow Scribe Writer's Edition notepad and a Yellow Scribe pen. Your book will be ghostwritten by our experts, as well as Yellow Scribe printing and sending the book to our professional photographer. You will be sent 15 professional photos of your book to help with the aftercare (additional resources provided).


What’s book photography?

Look no further. Book photography is the make-or-break for a successful book launch, and you can’t launch your book without some stunning shots of your book in the best settings. We’ll take your book to the beach. We’ll cover it in petals. We’ll set it on fire if that would make it look cool.

Book photography is included in our platinum creation course, along with ghost writing, 12 hours of video chat help, and your book published. It’s a great way to inject personality into a photo of your book. See the photos below and you’ll know what we mean when we say ‘book photography’. We have photographers across the country and depending on which one suits you best, we will send your book their way.

This will take your book on a journey of photo-taking. The book will be showcased to its full potential, and you can advertise till your heart’s content because you’ll have enough photos to do so.

Professional vector head shot design is included in the platinum bundle at an additional £30 – and this will be yours to use across your author profiles online. A signature image is one that will last you years.

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